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Welcome To Anusthana Program

Welcome To Anusthana Program

Recorded on: 25 Feb 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Auckland, NZ.

There are many different kinds of anusthana. Sudharas anusthana purifies the consciousness. Sudharas Kriya is given to Lord Vishnu from Shiva. Anusthana or kriya has the same meaning. It means doing something. Every changing process is called kriya. When something is imbalanced, when something is out of control, then the disasters happen. Every spiritual sadhana needs confidence, clarity, love and discipline. Every technique has its practice and experience. Practicing the kriya means tuning the nerves with the nada of the OM. We have to turn the negative into the positive. Finally it awakes the sleeping swan in the heart and unites with the universal one.

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