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Prepare The Beauty Of Your Inner Garden

Prepare The Beauty Of Your Inner Garden

Recorded on: 29 Feb 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Auckland, NZ.

Nature is giving us everything. All the nature is a living being. We are cutting the branches and everything of the tree but he is never complaining. He is in our service. It is his love and love is everywhere. We humans are always complaining and creating problems for us or others. Nature has his own language. We should listen to the nature and our own nature too. Listening to our body, our mind, our intellect and desires. Listening to each and every atom of the body. They are asking for our kind attention, telling us what they require and in which way we can supply something good. Good feelings and good thoughts. If we are getting angry, then our own body is suffering. Our self is suffering inside. Practicing the sudharas kriya will help us to harmonize, tranquilize and balance in such a way that our inner self will feel very safe and pleasant.

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