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Spirituality And Devotion

Spirituality And Devotion

Recorded on: 2 Mar 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Auckland, NZ.

A spiritual life means crystal clear purity. It means God consciousness. The inner spirituality is connected to the divine and the outer spirituality is connected to this world. It is the sattvic way of life which adds more quality. To live in a healthy, pure environment and to have pure, vegetarian food maintains the health and supports the harmonious relations in the society. The sattvic way of living includes the outer and the inner purification. Inner purification means positive thinking, forgiveness and understanding. Devotion means respect. It means to surrender. We surrender our mistakes and we surrender our weakness. We believe that there is a higher consciousness and that there are higher principles in this universe which are supporting us. Devotion means to maintain a higher relation. It is the positive thinking, the kindness, the humbleness, the respect and the love to all.

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