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What Means The Satsang

What Means The Satsang

Recorded on: 1 Mar 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Auckland, NZ.

Satsang means to find the truth within oneself and being with the truth. What is temporary, is not the truth. The atman is that truth which is everlasting, immortal and eternal. This can be realized only through the satsang. Great saints made a lot of research work on the spirituality. Spirituality leads us to the atman. The words of that great saints are spoken in the satsang. This is the real knowledge. Knowledge of the material world does not lead us to that aim. Sangha is the community with whom and where we are mostly spending our time. The environment, the atmosphere and the company, this influences our mind and our feelings very much. Go to the satsang. Do not miss this chance of the human life. Protect your path, protect your sadhana and protect your bhakti and devotion.

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