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Outer Situation Reflects The Inner Situation

Outer Situation Reflects The Inner Situation

Recorded on: 4 Mar 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Wellington, NZ.

With the cleanness of our house we can see our inner condition. How we are keeping the ashram or the house in order, with this we can see our love and devotion. We can see if everything is in beauty. It is our inner beauty, the inner pureness, our inner clarity which is reflecting there. Doubts, desires and hidden wishes we did not clean up are spoiling our mind. If we are neglecting our sadhana, our duties, then tamas guna, the laziness takes over. It will grow more and more and we will find every self excuse for our mental pollution. Self enquiry meditation, which is taught in the Yoga in Daily life Yoga classes will help to clear up the question - not who am I but how am I. We have to search within, how is our inner world and how is our inner condition. Translation of the bhajan: Jag musafir dekh vo.

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