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Gyana Yoga, The Path Of Knowledge

Gyana Yoga, The Path Of Knowledge

Recorded on: 5 Mar 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Wellington When the Atman realizes its true nature which is free from the mind and body, in a pure conscious form, it is quite capable of comprehending the Supreme Soul which always stays in its pure form unaffected by actions and mental processes even though pervading everything.

In this pure state the Atman gains correct knowledge of the phenomenal world also as an observer. This is the process of Gyana Yoga. Our mind and intellect have limited capacity and have not been able to comprehend the vastness nor the subtlety of the Supreme Soul. Saints, Rishis, have perceived the Almighty Soul during the stage of Samadhi when they have left the mind and intellect behind. The soul has to realize its true nature first before knowing the Supreme Soul and once it has known the supreme Soul, it knows everything.

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