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Yoga - The Path Of Liberation

Yoga - The Path Of Liberation

Recorded on: 5 Mar 2012

Morning program with Swamiji from Wellington, Yoga means union or oneness.

As long as we have not found this union, we are on the way. Yoga is just a way. In reality we are not practicing yoga, we are trying to get the union. Our practicing is the process of reunion. We where one with God, we are one with God, but in our intellect we feel separated. We feel as two. This is a conflict in us. Reunion means, again we are realizing. We are a part of the One. I am in you and you are in me. We see that all is in me. Duality comes when we have uncertain feelings. As soon as we have doubts, then we have fear inside. When we have fear inside, we take more distance and we begin to suffer. Why to have doubts? Wherever we go, it is only we. Whatever we see, it is only we. In everything we see the Brahman. With this we should work harmoniously. It is a long way but we should make the best out of our life.

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