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Gyana Ganga

Gyana Ganga

Recorded on: 9 Mar 2012

Satsangs with Swamiji from Wellington.

Ganga means not only the river, it means also to listen to beautiful lectures of divinity and wisdom. Ganga is the divine mother, coming from Brahma Loka. Gyana means knowledge. It is that knowledge which a saint is preaching and comes from the wisdom within oneself. This is the meaning of Gyana Ganga. The wisdom is endless flowing and is called Brahmagyana. That sound is removing the sin similarly the river Ganga takes away everything. Our heart is suffering because of our own conflicts. It is said that we can cry the whole day, but we are not forced to cry. We can have many conflicts within us, but we are not forced to have them. This is the self projection in ones life and onsciousness. Conflicts are torturing us but they are coming from our own thoughts and feelings and so lies the remedy also in our hands, the mantra, the prayers, the satsangs and to let them go with clear distinction..

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