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Practicing Khatu Pranam, Part 1

Practicing Khatu Pranam, Part 1

Recorded on: 10 Mar 2012

Practicing Khatu Pranam with Swamiji, practice and explanations, Wellington.

This exercise series, which harmonizes body, mind and soul, is the outcome of research and experience extending over many years. In the initial stage of practice, focus is given to the physical benefits. Khatu Pranam strengthens, stretches and relaxes the muscles of the whole body, promotes flexibility of the spine and regulates glandular activity. It fortifies the immune system, which in turn increases resistance to disease. The entire nervous system is balanced and strengthened. A few rounds performed daily are helpful in correcting poor posture, relieving back pain and digestive problems and reducing stress. The whole Khatu Pranam sequence is invigorating and brings balance to body, mind and psyche. Therefore it is beneficial to include this sequence in your daily exercise programme.

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