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Real Yoga Begins With Satsang

Real Yoga Begins With Satsang

Recorded on: 9 Mar 2012

Evening lecture by Swamiji from Wellington, New Zealand .

Yoga is not simply the asanas and pranayamas which we are performing every day. This is only primarily. Yoga is that Tattva, that principle which balances and harmonizes. Nothing is older than that. Yoga is not a part of any religion. If this would be than every religion is a part of Yoga. When we come to the Satsang,the real Yoga begins there. What we can see, touch and smell is only temporarily. Yoga goes beyond that. Without Yoga we cannot come further and for that we need a real guidance. What we need is the unity, the balance, the harmony and working with all in love. Balance and harmony means unity and that is Yoga.

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