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Practicing Khatu Pranam, Part 2

Practicing Khatu Pranam, Part 2

Recorded on: 11 Mar 2012

Morning practice with Swamiji, Khatu Pranam, Part 2 When practicing the Yoga in Daily Life Khatu Pranam exercise series, one can feel the peace, the harmony and the oneness.

It is not like any gymnastic .It is Yoga. And especially Yoga in Daily Life. Practitioners should have the understanding for the value of the exercises. When practicing, then the physical, mental and emotional harmony can be reached. When coordinating the breath and physical movements, including the waves of the thoughts, then each and every posture which we are performing becomes like a cosmic dance, means meditation. Khatu Pranam is designed even for any sport groups to develop the concentration and muscles. Khatu Pranam can also be done as a therapy or as prevention for certain illnesses. Khatu Pranam is designed not only for the spiritual development, for the spiritual awakening, but also for regulating the breath, the chakras and the movements.

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