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Greatness of His Name

Greatness of His Name

Recorded on: 12 Mar 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Wellington, NZ.

In the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhism, it is said: The name of the Gurudev is a boat and who sit in will cross the ocean. If you sit with faith and confidence inside, Gurudev will definitely bring you to the other shore. The name of Gurudev is the mantra. A Gurumuki is someone who received a initiation with the mantra. With the mantra we will succeed. The name of God is forever, it will remain. When a sadhaka, a practitioner will do something in this world and tries to keep the best in spirituality and doing his seva, then he will be successful. If we keep the inner faith, the inner decision and our promise to do our sadhana, then the rest He will do. He will be always with us and He will help. Saint Kabirdas said, O Lord, if you give me something then please give me bhakti, because you are the giver of bliss and the giver of everything.

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