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Siddha Purusha Sri Devpuriji. The Perfect Master

Siddha Purusha Sri Devpuriji. The Perfect Master

Recorded on: 13 Mar 2012

Morning program with Swamiji from Wellington NZ.

A Siddha is one who is accomplished and refers to perfected masters. Sri Devpuriji belongs to a spiritual lineage of great masters which origin is Lord Shiva himself. Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji is revered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva and he embodies all characteristics of Lord Shiva. Sri Devpuriji is the Supreme, mighty channel who bestows Light and Cosmic energy upon the earth. All the elements were under his control. It has been reported by eye-witnesses that he walked on water and could materialize or de-materialize his body according to his will. He directed fire and rain just as he wanted and wherever he went there remained no footprints on the ground. No material or astral power could hinder Sri Devpuriji, At any time he was able to come, protect and support his bhaktas.

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