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Be Under His Shelter

Be Under His Shelter

Recorded on: 14 Mar 2012

Evening lecture by Swamiji from Wellington, New Zealand.

If one wants to see God, a aspirant or spiritual seeker would say: Lord, now after trying so many things, finally I surrender all into your hands. The responsibility of my life, if I will be the loser or the winner, this is all in thy hand O Lord. To think like that, it needs faith and confidence. It needs the call of the soul from the bottom of the heart. If we have peace within, we can bring the peace outside into the world. Through prayer and meditation we can develop the inner peace. In the prayer we surrender our ego, our uncertainty, our fear and mistakes. When we pray, then we have a consultation with God. When we meditate, we are sitting on his lap. But before that, we have to purify and renounce our negative qualities. When there is love, then there is no fear or attachment, there is freedom.

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