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Siddha Purusha Sri Devpuriji. The Perfect Master. Part 3.

Siddha Purusha Sri Devpuriji. The Perfect Master. Part 3.

Recorded on: 16 Mar 2012

Morning lecture by Swamiji from Wellington, New Zealand.

The light, the energy and beauty of Lord Shiva is expressed in bhagavan Sri Devpuriji. His glory is also described by great saints in their bhajans. They express the longing for the divine and their feelings of love. Love is eternal love. When the feelings and the longing for the divine is lost, the jivatman feels helpless and lonely in the empty space. Darshan of the divine means to see Him. It means blessing, unity, the light and oneness. It means union and reunion. Darshan means not only that we see, but everything is included in that. It is the joy, the love and happiness. If we have the love to God, no barrier can come between because that love is penetrating everything through and through. That love opens all the doors. Swamiji tells some more events from Sri Devpuriji's life when he came to the village of Kailash to build up his ashram.

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