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Darshan. Visions Of The Divine

Darshan. Visions Of The Divine

Recorded on: 15 Mar 2012

Evening satsang with Swamiji from Wellington, New Zealand.

Swamiji translates the bhajan, Itna to karna Guruji. In this, one bhakta says - O Gurudev, grant me just this, give me your darshan. Appear before me, I am caught in the net of Maya. Come quickly and give me your darshan.- Darshan means sight, in the sense of seeing a vision, apparition or glimpse of the divine. If one receives the darshan, it is a great blessing of the deity in the temple or from a great saintly person, such as a great guru. The great masters left their body but they are still here. Their quality and their energy is still with us and we can feel and experience that. It is the Guru Tattva which can never die or go away.

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