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Blessings of Gurudev

Blessings of Gurudev

Recorded on: 17 Mar 2012

Morning lecture from Wellington, New Zealand.

Many misunderstandings are connected with the word Guru. What means Guru? Guru is simply a teacher, a master. Our whole life we are guided by teachers. Our first teachers are mother and father. As we grow up, we are learning from our brothers and sisters, our friends, from the school teachers, the priests and we are following the teachings of the spiritual masters. The final aim is to become our own Guru, to understand and to develop the inner master. In everybody of us is sitting that Gurudev, but the light can only be, if we do not have anymore the negative qualities like hate, jealousy, anger, greed and so on. We have to develop the Guru qualities, which means, we have to be free from the entire range of our negative qualities. The essential condition for that is the inner awakening. Otherwise we are only self made masters which cannot have that value.

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