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Children Are The Future Of Tomorrow

Children Are The Future Of Tomorrow

Recorded on: 9 Apr 2012

Evening Satsang from Jadan, India.

Where there are humans, there is also culture and spirituality. The culture moves with the humans. Culture is travelling round the world. Culture prepares the humans and gives the education to the youth. Cultural education comes from the parents. Spirituality and culture is one of the main educations. Spirituality is the prana and the life of the nation and does not belong to any particular belief. If a culture has no spirituality it is a dead culture. Spirituality means purity of the consciousness, the intellect, the mind, the heart, the actions and service to this world. It is there where the compassion is growing towards the entire creation. In the UN it is acknowledged that not any nation or culture should be discriminated. Swamiji speaks about some aspects of the Jadan Ashram.

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