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The First Happiness Is Good Health

The First Happiness Is Good Health

Recorded on: 10 Apr 2012

Evening Satsang from Jadan, India.

Our health depends on how and what we eat. Whatever we take in, it affects entirely our body systems and our way of thinking. A sattvic nourishment is beneficial to the body. The sattvic diet is pure, fresh, organic and vegetarian. It balances and harmonizes our body as well as our mind and leads to clarity. It is said that we are eating for living and not living for eating and also, helping hands has more value than folded hands. The Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital Project in Jadan Ashram in India is a registered non-profit public benefit organization which aims to offer medical aid and long term assistance in remote areas of India. Sadhvi Shantiji gives a report of the present situation of the hospital.

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