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Bathing In The River Of Knowledge

Bathing In The River Of Knowledge

Recorded on: 28 Apr 2012

Afternoon program from Strilky, Czech Republic.

Those who come to the satsangs are bathing in the river of knowledge. There are different ways to produce karmas. Our actions, the karmas, have an effect on our body, mind and consciousness. Every action has a reaction and every action comes back to us, but there is always a way to come out. The human dharma is to have mercy in the heart, kindness, understanding, love and humbleness. It is the human aim to develop saintly qualities. Mantra is a part of Bhakti Yoga. Mantra is sound, a vibration and in every part of Yoga. The entire system of Yoga and every creation came out of one mantra. Nada is the divine sound inside. Everything is created out of that sound and this vibrates within the mantra.

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