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Effect Of The Mantra

Effect Of The Mantra

Recorded on: 29 Apr 2012

Morning program from Strilky.

If we are thinking a word, it is circulating in our brain. This vibration is traveling throughout the whole physical, mental and astral body. When one sound is reaching our individual phenomenon, the brain is checking the quality of that thought and transforms it to the heart and intellect, meanwhile checking all the karmindriyas and gyanindriyas, also the storeroom of the consciousness and sub consciousness if there is hate, jealousy, greed, or love, peace, compassion and harmony. That sound or movement of the mind will be colored by that quality and according to that is the word we speak. Best is to avoid harsh words, not to harm ourselves or others, to speak such a language that everybody inclusive we ourselves will be happy. The vibration of the personal mantra we received from the master is protecting, it is harmonizing, creates peace in mind and consciousness and leads to self realization

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