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Bija Mantra Is The Essence

Bija Mantra Is The Essence

Recorded on: 29 Apr 2012

Afternoon program from Strilky.

Czech. A mantra is a sound, a syllable, a word or group of words that is considered capable of creating transformation. A bija mantra represents the essence of a mantra and is like a seed which will sprout. The Sanskrit syllables represents divinities or cosmic powers, which exert their influence by sound vibrations. The bija mantras of particular chakras are holding the entire energy of our being in many lives and are in a dormant state. The petals and the bija mantras have their own field in the body and that is the resonance. The vibration we can experience by practicing seriously. We can destroy our good energy through negative thinking and negative talking. We all have positive as well as negative qualities or energies in us. It is our wisdom, our practice and our masterwork, that we can turn negative into positive. With this we are creative, active and developing.

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