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Life Is Full Of Desires

Life Is Full Of Desires

Recorded on: 5 May 2012

Program with Swamiji from Strilky.

Our life is full of desires and that's why we are struggling. Mantra is that which can liberate us. When our mind is satisfied, then the mind can help us and become our best friend. Sometimes the mind is like a wild horse, jumping and running. Swamiji tells a story how to tame a wild horse and how to get his trust. Likewise we can treat our wild mind with every day practicing, to purify, to calm and being satisfied. Just observe and practice the mantra. On that place where we practice, the energy is also purified. Mantra, prayer and bhajans brings us near to God. He becomes our holy father and holy mother. When we have bhakti and our mind is directed to the heart, then we become friend with all. A living spirituality is there when we have the guidance of a master.

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