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OM Deep Jyoti

OM Deep Jyoti

Recorded on: 6 May 2012

Evening program with Swamiji from Strilky.

Deep is the lamp and jyoti is the flame. The flame is our wisdom. We keep our knowledge for the world to give the light to others. The light of good suggestion, the light of kindness, humbleness, love, forgiveness, understanding, gentleness and so on. It is said: Oh Lord, my life is a ceremony to you. Whatever I do is in your service. Whatever I do through my body, my mind, my words and my social position is a worship to Thee. Though, I am burning and I will burn till end as long as prana is there- but only for Thee my Lord. Let me be that lamp or that flame. God is within us. He surrounds us, He is everything and everywhere. If we have this consciousness, we have mastered the first step towards our self-realization.

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