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Five Levels Of Mantra Japa

Five Levels Of Mantra Japa

Recorded on: 12 May 2012

Morning program with Swamiji, Vep, Hungary.

The chanting of a mantra, the repetition of the Divine name is known as mantra japa. By repetition of the mantra gets the mind controlled. Yogic practices such as japa energize the vital force, stills the mind and purifies thought patterns, chakras and nadis, the subtle energy channels and centers in the body. It filters all negative energies from our subconscious. It is the way to achieve the higher states of consciousness. There are five levels of practicing the mantra. Likhita is writing. Vaikhari is the audible repetition. Upamsu is the whispering. Manasia is the mental repetition and Ajapa japa comes naturally and turns into a constant awareness of the mantra. It is a long way and to achieve it, we have to practice daily.

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