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Body, Mind And Soul In  
Vedanta Science

Body, Mind And Soul In Vedanta Science

Recorded on: 13 May 2012

Morning Satsang with Swamiji from Vep, Hungary.

A very special guest, H.E. Sri Gauri Shankarji Gupta, Ambassador of India to Budapest visited Swamji on the Yoga in Daily Life weekend retreat in Vep, Hungary. Besides Mr.Gupta’s service to the Indian Embassy is he known as writer and profound knower of the science of the Indian Vedanta philosophy. The Indian philosophical system in general classifies all things, known and unknown into two categories, Sat and Asat. They relate to the pair of opposites such as real and unreal, eternal and non eternal, permanent and impermanent, animate and inanimate. To realize Sat in us means to realize the soul. It is the most powerful part of our human being. To look for that and to realize it is the way to get real peace and real happiness.

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