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Mantra Practice Is The Biggest Blessing

Mantra Practice Is The Biggest Blessing

Recorded on: 13 May 2012

Morning program with Swamiji, Vep, Hungary.

Sankalpa Shakti, the formative will, can only be developed if our words are pure and if we have not stored harmful thoughts against ourselves, against others or the outer world. After long time practicing Vak Suddhi comes the Vak Siddhi. Suddhi means purification and Siddhi means the perfection or a spiritual power. Vak Suddhi develops in the heart positive or divine vibrations. Practicing the Mantra on Upamsu and Vaikhari levels, purifies our Manipura, Anahata and Vishuddhi chakra. It is the healing process inside in our phenomena if we have poisoned ourselves with negative energies, thoughts or words which are harming and troubling us a lot. The self healing process is a self supporting process and therefore is the Mantra Japa the biggest blessing.

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