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The Spiritual Side of Yoga

The Spiritual Side of Yoga

Recorded on: 2 Jun 2012

Program from Alexandria, USA.

Yoga itself, round and round is spiritual. There is no other side of Yoga. If we practice the authentic and ancient yoga exercises systematically including the meditations, then Yoga itself is spiritual. We have to understand what means spiritual. The human life, the human birth is already spiritual. We are born on this earth as a spiritual light. The light which is in every entity, in every grain of the sand. It is that light of God which is the universal one and we call it Parameshwara or Allah, God, Holy Father, the Truth, the Love, or the Light. All is the same. In our human body, within us is everything. But the humans need a proper education, a proper companion and proper nourishment, otherwise that spiritual born human can develop other qualities which are not spiritual

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