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Wisdom And Science of Yoga

Wisdom And Science of Yoga

Recorded on: 2 Jun 2012

Program from Alexandria, USA.

The science of Yoga is blessed by Lord Shiva. He is the creator of all divine energies, mantras, yogas and everything. Yoga practice is for the wellbeing of the human health. Physical, mental and social health is to complete the obligations of the human life on this earth. Yoga exercises should be done in such a way, that we feel constantly harmony and a feeling of happiness. When our body, our mind, intellect and the emotions are healthy, we can do a lot for this beautiful world and support others. We can only give and offer what we have inside and that, what we are. Our thoughts, words and actions are what we have to offer. We are able to create a healthy atmosphere around us as well as round the whole world. We can create love and protection for all. We should remember that we are still vistors here on this earth and only living in a temporary home.

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