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Acknowledge Your Ancestors

Acknowledge Your Ancestors

Recorded on: 7 Jun 2012

Swamiji is warmly welcomed on his first visit in Mexico city.

Not only in the very ancient Mexican culture but also in other cultures round the world, people where believing in natural religions. The ancient cultures where deeply connected to the families and ancestors. Nowadays this tradition is getting lost. We lost our roots. Peace, trust, spirituality and love are missing. We lost our thread to the ancestors but our relation to them lasts 27 generations. Our believe, our trust, love, tradition, culture, family and security we got from them. We should respect and keep the thread because we also have to pay something back. Ancestors are in the astral world and they need our prayers for their soul. Without that, they do not have access to the other world and are stuck somewhere. Supporting them with prayers and ceremonies is important for our own as well as our family's health and wellbeing.

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