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Eternal Path To The Divine

Eternal Path To The Divine

Recorded on: 24 Jul 2012

Satsang from Gold Coast.

In reality there is no duality. We are all one as the light of the Supreme. We are all part of the cosmic Self. As individual soul are we coming again and again, developing more and more qualities. We are travelling round the space with one aim, to come back to the origin. Our life is a journey and the life in human form should lead us to our final destination. There are many barriers and these are our own negative qualities. Our negative education and actions does not let our soul proceed to our destination, to the divinity. The qualities which we should improve and which will lead us further are love, kindness, mercy understanding, forgiveness and so on. This is the light of wisdom which will give us clarity and we are coming closer to our goal. We will come there where we belong. We are coming home to eternity.

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