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Orange Color Has A  Specific Meaning

Orange Color Has A Specific Meaning

Recorded on: 25 Jul 2012

The orange color has different meanings.

It is the color of the dawn. When dawn rises, the consciousness awakes of all flowers, birds, animals and humans. In the evening it is the color of the sunset, the consciousness goes to sleep. Rising and descending brings to the completeness. Orange is the color of mother earth and of shakti, the energy. It is the color of the fire and fire means purification. Whatever will come into the light or fire will be purified. When one gets the initiation as a sannyasin one has to give his word, his promise in front of the fire. The fire element is the witness of that promise. Fire represents the sun. The orange color is the color of renunciation. In autumn, the leaves becomes orange. It is a stage of renunciation and renunciation is also essential for those, who lead a life as a sannyasin.

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