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This Body Is The Temple Of Your Soul

This Body Is The Temple Of Your Soul

Recorded on: 12 Oct 2012

Evening Satsang with Swamiji from Turcianske Teplice, Slovakia Your body is your real home, your real partner.

He will company you until the last minute of your life. That's why we should not neglect our body, we shall learn instead to love him, to respect him and to take a gentle care without forcing powers. Physical exercises maintains the vitality, breath techniques regulates and balances the energy, relaxation is anti stress treatment, meditation brings harmony in body mind and soul, mantra awakens the divine consciousness within and the right nourishment keeps the body healthy.This all should become a part of our life and this are the aims of the Yoga in Daily Life system.Our life is given to us to be healthy and happy and to help all.

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