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All Spiritual Work We Do Is For Ourselves

All Spiritual Work We Do Is For Ourselves

Recorded on: 20 Oct 2012

Morning Satsang with Swamiji from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The Lotus plant grows in muddy, dirty water but the flower blooms high above without touching the mud. Sometimes in the life comes a point where we are disappointed. Emotional problems, when they are connected with our expectations, it's like a shock which reflects quickly on the body. It reflects on that particular part where we put more of our concentration. One negative message can paralyze us. It is psychic but reflects on the body. We should learn to stay above. We should learn to love ourselves but without proudness. When we love ourselves, we stay above like the lotus which grows in the muddy, dirty water, but the flower is above. If we don't love ourselves, we cannot love God, therefore we have to love ourselves. All spiritual work we do is for ourselves.

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