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Children Are The Culture Of Tomorrow

Children Are The Culture Of Tomorrow

Recorded on: 20 Oct 2012

Swamijis public lecture at the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Our intellect needs education. That education which is a protector. What we do not learn in early age will be missing. Children are the culture of tomorrow. Children are the future of the country. In which direction the children will go in that direction our country will go. Therefore, children should have an ethic and spiritual education. Habit is the second nature of the human. To create good habits for a healthy, happy, spiritual and ethical life is in our hands. Children are like raw material and we grown people are like artists. How we will model them, they will be like that. To awake in the children the consciousness for a healthy lifestyle, first of all we have to be that positive and good example which the children will follow.

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