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Our Body Needs Gentle Care

Our Body Needs Gentle Care

Recorded on: 21 Oct 2012

Morning Satsang with Swamiji from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

One saint said: This body is a wondrous house. Beautifully constructed in which God himself is speaking. The system Yoga in Daily Life is not only a very gentle system for maintaining the health of the body but it works also psychosomatically on the mental part. Our body has his limitations. We should know the borders. With simple postures can we solve body problems. Many people make Asanas in a wrong way. Dr.Martin, longtime disciple of Swamiji and Orthopedist explains in which way we should take care to prevent future problems. Swamiji gives a talk on relationships. All worldly relations will finish here one day. If we maintain our relation to God, we will take all family members and relatives to God. If we care, we are not separated.

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