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We need a boat to cross the ocean

We need a boat to cross the ocean

Recorded on: 27 Oct 2012

Evening Satsang with Swamiji from Vienna Ashram.

Satsang is the boat to cross the Maya or worldly ocean. Satsang is that, on which subject one speaks. That philosopher or saint becomes symbolically the captain for us. If we sing a bhajan of Mahaprabhuji or other saints, they become the captain of our satsang. Their energy comes to us in their subtle or energy body even if the great saints have left ages before. As soon as we remember them, their energy is there. When we remember the Divine, this energy comes and takes place in our consciousness, our imagination, our intuition, our feelings and intellect. If we think of our mother, we feel her love, if we think of an enemy, that kind of aggression and that kind of anger appears in us. The thought we have in our mind that creates immediately light or darkness. The mind brings a thought and that thought is stronger than physical things. What we think that develops in our self inside.

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