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Vedas Are Storehouse Of Knowledge

Vedas Are Storehouse Of Knowledge

Recorded on: 30 Oct 2012

Satsang from Jaipur.

Swami Avatar Puriji recites Vedic Slokas. Swamiji's guest, Acharya Kalanatji Sastri talks about the Vedic tradition in India . No man has ever written the Vedas. They have come down from divine sources through a stream of revelation. It is revealed knowledge. The Rig Veda, as declared by the UNESCO, is the first book in the human library. It was the first book transmitted to the earth. The chronology, age and birth of it is not yet known but it was at least 7000 years before Christ. In the Vedas all Gyana, all wisdom, all knowledge is stored. What ever mankind could testify is stored in the Vedas. In this revealed tradition also the role of the Guru and disciple came down. This tradition of Guru and discipleship through thousands of years kept the Vedas alive.

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