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Time Of The Spiritual Awakening

Time Of The Spiritual Awakening

Recorded on: 23 Dec 2012

Satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

In every belief are spiritual festivals. The time of the holy festivals is to awake the spiritual consciousness in human. One aspect of the festivals is, that we have a inner longing for the spiritual, for God. The other aspect is, that we should accept and love everyone, we forget and forgive. It is the day where we make happy everyone. We make happy in a spiritual way. It does not mean valuable presents. We give our respect, our appreciation, our love. It is the day of the real friendship.It is the day where we take a sankalpa, we make a vow, we will promise to ourselves that I will maintain my positive relations with love, kindness and understanding. Let me be the light in darkness, my each and every step should lead to the light. Like this the spiritual festivals should be respected and understood by all.

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