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Suffering And Sweetness

Suffering And Sweetness

Recorded on: 8 Mar 2013

Opening Satsang of the Shivaratri weekend seminar with His Holiness Swamiji from Strilky Ashram.

Sukha and Dukkha are two opposites. They are like the shadow and the light. One cannot exist without the other. Sukha is the sweetness of life, bliss, comfort, pleasure and Dukkha is suffering, frustration and discomfort. We are commuting between two extremes but what is the cause of suffering and what is the cause of happiness? Most of it is connected to our feelings, emotions and thoughts. This is the key to our experiences. Sukha and Dukkha are two ways. Positive thoughts towards everyone and satsang is that way which opens the door to the divine consciousness. It brings a deeper, more lasting happiness and purer wellbeing into our life.

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