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Amavasya - Moon Darshan

Amavasya - Moon Darshan

Recorded on: 8 Jul 2013

Strilky,Czech Republic.

The new moon day is called Amavasya. It has a great spiritual meaning in Hindu tradition. An Amavasya, falling on a Monday, has a very special significance. It is a day of fasting and many important festivals are observed on this day. Amavasya is more powerful than the full moon day.There are certain rules regarding Amavasya. Religious people are supposed not to work or travel on that day and concentrate on the rites function on Amavasyas.Special pujas are made. The first appearance of the crescent moon is called Shiva moon. The darshan and gazing at the moon, connected with a silver coin or silver ring in our hands, opens our good luck. It opens the bindu chakra and the flow of nectar takes place.

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