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Vajra Nadi

Vajra Nadi

Recorded on: 9 Jul 2013

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.

Only very rare literature exists about Vajra Nadi. Vajra means strong. Vajra is the weapon of king Indra. Indra is also called Vajrapani, in whose hand is the Vajra. If the Vajra Nadi is in our hands, in our power, we become mighty in our body. Vajra Nadi improves the immune system and also controls our emotions. When our mind in meditation is full of vrittis and restless, we shall meditate in Vajrasana. If our willpower is strong, the mind is powerless. But when our willpower is weak, the mind becomes mighty. To awake and to activate Vajra Nadi, Khatu Pranam yoga exercise series is the best technique.

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