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Science Of Prana And Pranayama

Science Of Prana And Pranayama

Recorded on: 8 Jul 2013

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.

Strilky ashram is a Rishikul, a peaceful place, perfect for a spiritual retreat. Here, our Prana turns from negative into positive. This Prana has a healing power because to this spot are all the times many spiritual people with positive, spiritual vibrations coming. When we look to the trees and vegetation around here, they prosper, look happy and are smiling. One can feel the beautiful condition of this forest. Prana is not only oxygen. It is the cosmic life force. We can attend here a course of special pranayama. We will learn the techniques of Brahma Vidya, Swara Yoga and Nada Yoga. Controlling the flow of Prana and filtering the negative energy makes our organs strong, healthy and keeps the body young.

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