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Dharma Is An Universal Principle

Dharma Is An Universal Principle

Recorded on: 9 Jul 2013

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.

God does not belong to any particular religion. In ancient Vedic time the word religion did not exist even. There was only the Dharma. God does not divide, God sees all in oneness. The universal one, Brahman is for all. Dharma is different than religion. Dharma means principle, obligation. Everyone and everything have their dharma. Tree has its dharma, water, fire, birds, seasons, earth, moon, sun, humans. Dharma is balancing all energy on this earth and in the universe. All is under the frame of Sanatana Dharma. Sanatana means ancient, universal, and it means also relation. We all are related to the universal one. Krishna said: It does not matter which way you come, which belief, which practice, finally at the door I am. Krishna does not mean Krishna only, but all holy incarnations.

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