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We All Together Care

We All Together Care

Recorded on: 24 Aug 2013

Summer seminar in Strilky.

In past times, Yogis have lived near the water.Water is life and one could drink the water from everywhere. All the water was natural and very clean. Not only this but many other things in nature and environment changed dramatically. By using all resources of mother earth in a very short period of time and highly polluting at the same time, we are destroying to much and not maintaining enough for the next generation. One man said: "The more we ruin and exploit nature, the more our options are reduced until we have only one: to fight for survival." Until we all do not change our consumption habits, there will not be the much-needed change. We cannot wait any longer. We all have to take care. What we are doing today affects not only our life but all life on this earth and earth itself and we ourselves have to bear the consequences.

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