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We Have To Prepare The Field

We Have To Prepare The Field

Recorded on: 29 Aug 2013

Summer seminar in Strilky.

A farmer got a land. On that land there were many thorny bushes. First he had to remove them. Then he saw that there were many small rocks inside, so he had to dig them out. He saw that the whole field had many, many holes and he started to equal again. After that he cultivated the field and waited for the right season to put the seeds. Furthermore he had to take care until the harvesting. This is a very simple story. But these thorny bushes are our negative qualities. It takes time. We remove them all and suddenly the next one is growing. Some roots are very deep. We try to purify the negative qualities but they will grow again and again. We have to remove them for a long time. It is important to know that it can take not only few years but possibly some lives. We are the farmers of our inner field and it is not an easy work.

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