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In Quality There Is No Compromise

In Quality There Is No Compromise

Recorded on: 2 Sep 2013

Evening satsang from Duga Uvala, HR.

Today many want to teach yoga, many want to open a yoga-centre, but they still do not have proper knowledge. Only those fruits will become ripe which remain on the branch of the tree. You cannot maintain the quality unless you do not stay under the protection of Gurudev. If you try to twist Yoga In Daily Life and mix other techniques in, you cannot maintain the quality of the system and will fail eventually. The essence of knowledge one can gain only from Gurudev and only into a pure consciousness, the knowledge can be filled in. Brahma gyana remains in that disciple who is not infected from kusanga. Water flows and collects in the valley, not on the mountain. Likewise knowledge goes there were humbleness, kindness and purity is.

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