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Buddha And The Way Of Sannyas

Buddha And The Way Of Sannyas

Recorded on: 3 Sep 2013

Satsang from Duga Uvala, HR.

Sannyas is a way of life defined by the spiritual search. A Sannyasin has renounced the world. His whole quest focuses on Moksha, liberation from Karma and the cycle of birth and death through Union with God or the Supreme reality. The life of a Sannyasin is not easy. It means discipline, spiritual practices and most important is to serve others and not to be served. Buddha had a hard life. How many times he was humiliated, how many times people threw stones after him and today we are praying to him. When Buddha got enlightenment, his consciousness dissolved in nothingness, Nirvana. Buddha attained Nirbija Samadhi, means no any desire, no wish, no seed was left. If a seed of a wish is still there, it can pull one back again. Through practices we can attain higher consciousness. Then we will be free from the three Gunas, free from Karma.

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