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Guruvakya Is Passport To Brahma Gyana

Guruvakya Is Passport To Brahma Gyana

Recorded on: 4 Sep 2013

Satsang from Duga Uvala, HR.

Every milk comes from a mother. If it is from the own or another mother or from animals. Mother is mother. Even in the nature some plants are producing milk like the coconut. Mother is very important for all of us. Prime duty of mother and father is to take care of their children and give them love and proper education. Not only intellectual knowledge alone, we need also ethic and spiritual knowledge. This, only humans can have. Mother and father we have in every life but Satgurudev we can get only in human life. Jivatama, who was wandering throughout the universe attained human consciousness. If this life is gone without Gurudev it is gone in nothingness. Guruvakya is our passport to Brahma Gyana.

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