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We Can Change Our Future

We Can Change Our Future

Recorded on: 5 Sep 2013

Satsang from Duga Uvala, HR.

Time is created by humans otherwise it is called beyond space and time. When we come to the infinity then there is no change, only movement and no movement. Jivatma is a mixture of atma and anatma. It is a bundle of karmas. When all karmas are dissolved then only atma remains. We are neither intellect nor mind, neither thoughts nor body, but still we are. The soul is travelling around the space and searches an object to project the karmas, actions. In our inner mirror when we close our eyes and look within our inner space, we see our reality. God gave us freedom to do what we like. But the fruits, the results of our actions are not in our hands. They build our destiny. Past is gone. Do not cry for the past. Present is here. Be aware what you are doing. Future is not there, and it will be like your present actions. God gave us human life that we can change our future. Rare are they who understand and can change their destiny.

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